$1 million bounty offered for Tor Browser zero-day exploits

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Zerodium, a hacking organization that offers adventures to governments around the globe, is currently offering $1 million for already unfamiliar weaknesses in the Tor web program.

The top prize, a $250,000 abundance, requires a specialist to have the option to show a far off code misuse against Tor while the program is at its most elevated security settings on either Windows 10 or the security-centered working frameworks TAILS.

The assault vector must be a website focusing on the Tor Browser.

The Tor program anonymizes web traffic, scrambling it between PCs known as hubs. The system's design makes deciding the birthplace of traffic incredibly troublesome. The area of the web known as the "dark web" is just open by means of the Tor program.

The six-figure prize comes a long time after Zerodium put $500,000 bounties on secure courier applications, similar to Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp. The most noteworthy single abundance offered by the organization is $1.5 million for an iPhone zero-day weakness permitting far off jailbreaking with tirelessness at zero ticks.

Zero-day abuses are as a rule getting progressively uncommon and costly, as indicated by scientists.

"While Tor system and Tor Browser are awesome tasks that permit authentic clients to improve their protection and security on the web, the Tor system and program are, much of the time, utilized by monstrous individuals to direct exercises, for example, tranquilize dealing or youngster misuse," Zerodium's website peruses. "We have propelled this extraordinary abundance for Tor Browser zero-days to help our administration clients battle wrongdoing and improve the world an and more secure spot for all."

In an announcement to Vice, Tor denounced the program and said Zerodium's abundance demands put "our most in danger clients' lives in question."

Zerodium originator Chauki Bekrar took to Twitter to dissent: "Bogus. All known Tor Browsers abuses utilized by Govs (2013 and 2016) didn't compromise the life of ANY genuine client. Just hurt pedo and medication dealers."

"The value that Zerodium puts on an item is consistently a sign of the security of that item, the higher the value, the better is the security of that item," Bekrar revealed to CyberScoop a month ago. "The costs result from both an appeal and a little assault surface in these applications which makes the revelation and abuse of basic bugs trying for security specialists."

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