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Bridal Makeup Artist in Chennai. Every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance that day. Bridal make up is an important part of bridal dressing. Along with the shinning jewellery and a gorgeous wedding dress if the make up and the hair do is inappropriate then their beauty are also marred. So it’s very important to know about the right kind of bridal make up that would suit the brides taste and skin tone. Though Indian bridal make up is a bit gorgeous with red and gold hues predominating but the make up shouldn't be over the top and should naturally enhance the dewy radiance of the bride. Bridal make up can effective correct any imperfection or marks that the bride may have in her face. So over all bridal make up form and integral part of a brides repertoire. Mr.Viji sharat is a leading Bridal makeup artist in chennai expert in bridal makeovers and many more for nearly 2 decades. His customers appreciate the high quality services we offer. According to client instructions, he present a new look that the clients can find satisfying. He have contributed our services to the cine industry and have gratified many leading artists. Here, he offer exquisite beauty makeovers through various classy makeup options. He strive very hard to please our customers and our services are easy to avail as they fit every budget capacity. He offer bridal makeovers, night shows, AD films and also for any events. Let me start off by saying you will be the happiest bride on the day of your wedding if you choose Vijay sharat. He knows what is best for you. You just got to let him transform you for your big day. Extremely professional, very punctual, calm and delivers exactly on time. Apart from Make up, vijay an awesome person to talk to and very accommodating. He had comments on how beautiful I looked on my wedding day pouring in! Also a special note to vijay Extremely quick and they did the hair and saree draping in no time. In short, do not think twice before going to vijay sharat, coz beautiful moments like weddings happen once in a lifetime and you got to look the best and vijay sharat totally does a fantastic job! His customers are highest priority. He strive to make you feel unique and special and bring out your natural beauty and enhance it. His clients are celebrities and each and every client are special stars to him. He understand and analyze your skin and hair with our latest equipments and suggest the best of treatments for you. He give Special Celebrity Jewellery Collection for Rent. All our Bridal Jewellery are of highest quality, He have both Latest Trendy Designs and Antique Collections which are hygienic and maintained with cleanliness and high quality.

is an artist who make his best in bringing out a new beautiful look, out of the human body. In his profession they groom and showcase beauty in various funcitons such as wedding, television ptograms, film and fashion shows, etc. Apart from the prepossessions such as light reflectors and ingredients like minerals to give the skin a flawless finish.