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Even less is its purpose to problem the undisputed function of Venice in the life of Marko Polo and his family. After all, Korcula was for a lot of centuries underneath the government of Serenissima, which is to be thanked for the rising prosperity of Korcula within the 14th and fifteenth centuries. The actual aim of this e-book is to current to the fascinated vacationer all that connects Marko Polo with Korcula and on the similar time to emphasize the significance of his interesting voyages and discoveries when he ventured to unknown worlds.
The Korculans were not solely excellent shipbuilders but in addition experienced seamen. They excelled, too, pretty much as good warriors in many sea battles; amongst them, members of the Depolo household. Archive materials and memorials verify that the duke of Korcula, Andrea Zane, in 1584, entrusted, amongst others, Jerolim, Pavle and Nikola Polo, with finding crews for the participation of the town of Korcula in one of the sea battles. Worldwide travel A considerably older doc, from 1430, speaks concerning the life and work of members of the Polo family in Korcula in the 13th century, principally featuring the centuries-old tradition of building Korcula style wooden boats, well-known in the entire of the Mediterranean.
In this way, the shipbuilders, working in the vicinity of the town walls, and living inside them, had been able to defend their city in case of enemy assault. In the listing mentioning ship-builders in 1594, there are sixteen ship-wrights from the Polo family, and in the 1810 record, 22. From a authorized case of 1778, we be taught that the name of the owner of a shipyard within the eastern suburb was Marko Depolo. As the skills of shipbuilding, in addition to the possession of the shipyards, have been passing from generation to generation, from father to son, various families were for hundreds of years using the identical plots for the wants of their workshops. The function of this commemorative work is to not prove that Marko Polo was born in Korcula, although it each Korculan small youngster feels instinctive that that is so.
His pleasure knew no bounds when he discovered that he was going with them on the next journey. Navigating alongside the japanese side of the Adriatic Sea – the standard route of Venetian galleys within the Adriatic – Marko handed near his native Korcula, the place he in all probability stopped to greet numerous relations, and close to which he was to pass again in 26 years time. No sea monsters, during which medieval travellers believed, appeared on their journey across the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean, neither did the pirates who normally threatened Venetian boats. After a fey days voyage, the Polos espied the fortified walls of Acra, a Palestinian stronghold, which was fortified by the crusaders and the place pilgrims stopped on their visit to the Holy Tomb in Jerusalem. Walking contained in the partitions of Acra Marko gazed in wonder on the spires and palaces, as well as at the richly clothed noblemen.
In 1995 Korcula celebrated the 700th anniversary of Marko Polo’s return from China to Europe. Korcula had also solemnly celebrated the 700th anniversary of his delivery earlier in 1954. Concerts, exhibitions, lectures, boat parades, commemorative stamps, seals had been organized and produced, and the house of Marko Polo is now being rearranged in the type of his voyages and happenings. This arrangement by the best Croatian pop singers was sent to radio stations all around the world beneath the title “Seven Hundred Years”.
That doc is to be discovered in the personal archives of the Kapor family in Korcula. In this, Mate Polo applies to the group of Korcula for a piece of land for his ship-yard, near the place where his grandfathers have been building boats. That doc is concrete proof that the Polos have been living in Korcula and constructing the boats even before Marko Polo was alive. Korcula shipyards were located each on the eastern and western shores adjoining to the fortified medieval town.