Sauvage Christian Dior Cologne

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Are there better fragrances with the identical qualities? Possibly, that is subject to style, however this is a solid secure choice for someone who just wants to smell good and move on with their lives.
I did not wish to like this scent. We took our teenage son scent shopping right earlier than his return to highschool for the fall time period, and Sauvage was the most popular factor the salesladies have been pushing. I thought it was horribly artificial, too robust, you name it, once I smelled the scent on the little tester strips and whereas inspecting the bottle. My husband had chosen something else; I assume it was Bulgari, so I wasn't anticipating a Dior sample.
Show me the designer mass market warm climate fragrances which might be better? Pissed off that Dior made something for the typical Joe, the mass market, one thing versatile? To every their opinion but don't get upset that Dior did not shovel a bag of horsecrap into a vat of absinthe and embody a sprig of yeti hair with this release. It is agreeable, soothing, well-made even if it isn't Fahrenheit or Dior intense, and so forth.
I finally have had a chance to have a "correct wearing" of this. There is completely nothing wrong with this scent. It is healthier than lots of of fragrances currently available on the market, both within the niche and designer world.
I got here residence from work one night time and he smelled so sexy! I couldn't consider it was the identical thing I found repulsive a week ago!
My husband layered the Sauvage with sandalwood shaving and pores and skin merchandise from The Art of Shaving and oh my, it was ahh-mazing. Good fall scent, not too sturdy or woodsy however not so citrusy both. A good all event scent, really.