Ultimate Guide to Free Xbox Gold and Gift Cards

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free xbox live for a year

Xbox Live Gift Cards are some of the most sought out gift cards in the market.

I discovered a legitimate generator (linked above)

It does not matter how, they just know that the more xbox live gift cards they get, the better.

Who doesn't like getting free stuff when they can? It makes you feel special.

This is why people always look for xbox live gift card generators, though many of them don't work at all.

I know because I've spent a good amount of time looking for one myself.

Finally, my search is over. I found the working tool that people use in their videos!

I included the link to the website above.

What Are Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2020?

There are more legit ways to earn xbox live gift codes though, so here are a few methods I've tried.

No shame if you're not the kind of person to actually do these.
The idea of spending your time actually working to slowly build up points just isn't attractive, even though that's kind of how the real world works in general.

Use the built in free trial method to get 14 days of Xbox live gold FREE.

You need credit cards for this method, but if you have them you can make free trial accounts on Xbox live Gold.

Needing a credit card can be a big roadblock for people, and if you want to do back-to-back free trials infinitely, you're going to need an infinite amount of credit cards.

There are more limits on the free trials, like you can only have 3 per console.

You can try other things though.
One thing I definitely recommend is checking your Facebook, Insta, or YouTube and seeing if there's any giveaways you can participate in there.

I also really like Reddit, and I don't think enough people use it. You can visit sections dedicated to gaming or xbox and wait for a giveaway.

There are especially a lot of giveaways around holiday seasons, so make sure you check all of these websites around Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the like.

Xbox Live Generators

These alternate methods all require a lot of work, so I know some people would rather use a quick and easy method like the site I linked above. That's fine I guess.

Hope you guys like this, and make sure you share this post on social media.